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For a private client, our team has designed a building consisting of 19 rental homes in Nygade, located in the heart of Nykøbing Falster. Before the construction, Nygade was characterized by being a street with the remains of many times with different materials, heights and designs of facades. The goal of the developer was therefore to create a building that appears as a natural part of the street with a calm and contemporary architectural expression.

Morten Bülow Architects has based the style of the building in four classic elements: the brick wall, metal roofing, the formation bridge window and the attic. The basis of the construction is the light bricks that create the classic style with a modern dispute.

The 19 rental homes are conceived by the developer as a private alternative to public housing. The apartments therefore have a relatively small area with a focus on space for the basic thing in every person’s life: community. Instead of two staircases in the building, an outdoor cool corridor has been made, which is also an outdoor space where people meet.


Under construction


1.300 m²


Nykøbing F.


2019 - 2020