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Ritz Cafe

In October 2003, Restaurant Ritz in Nykøbing Falster was hit by a devastating fire. The plot, which had housed the iconic restaurant associated with the city’s football club B1901, stood empty for more than 14 years before the doors were opened to the new architect-designed restaurant by Morten Bülow.

The restaurant had to be redesigned in respect of the old history. Morten Bülow Architects designed the building with a look to make it fit into the cityscape, but also to give it a modern architectural dispute. Restaurant Ritz is located on a narrow, deep plot, which is why large glass windows have been made to ensure a good light for the dining guests of the restaurant.

Inside, the building is designed in staggered floors with stairs in different sides of the house. It ensures a movement through the house that reflects the dynamics of the restaurant.




350 m²


Nykøbing F.