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Rørvig Summer house

For a private client, Morten Bülow Architects has designed the cottage Rørvig, which consists of the house, annex, covered outdoor space and sauna.

It is a simple design, a barn building externally covered with Canadian cedar. Morten Bülow Architects has designed the main house with a focus on the social function. One large living room has been made, while other rooms are located in the sides of the house. All doors and windows are made with special shutters so that the cottage can be closed in winter. The two double sliding doors of the cottage offer the opportunity to open the house all the way up in the summer, thus moving the boundary between being indoors and outdoors.

The main house is linked to the annex, the outdoor space and the sauna via large wooden terrace which brings together the units in one context.




130 m²


Rørvig, Nykøbing Sj